Qaanaaq, Greenland

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On this website, I will be posting the weekly/ sometimes the daily weather of Qaanaaq, Greenland. It is for a science project. I will also have up fake journal entries describing a researcher's stay in Qaanaaq (Thule). Check the News section for daily posts.


Fun Facts about Qaanaaq, Greenland

Graphs of Precipitation and Temperature of Qaanaaq (2012)

03/25/2013 21:40
  graph (1).pdf (2,2 kB) graph.pdf (2 kB) Click on the above to see the graphs. The website did not let me copy and paste the graphs to this article, so oh well. Graph (1) is the temperatures graph and graph is the precipitaion graph.

Facts and Opinions

03/25/2013 21:26
Qaanaaq's climate zone is polar tundra. July is the best month for you to visit Qaanaaq because then there is the warmest temperatures, at an average of 42.3 degrees Farenheit (2012); there is a high amount of rain compared to the rest of the year, averaged  at 0.5 inches (2012); this is...


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